Barney’s Rural & Domestic Rain Water Tank Repairs

If you have a rainwater tank, you’ll know exactly how valuable they can be to your home or property.
However, if they’re not in top condition, they can actually create problems for you and you will need to get it repaired. Here’s all you need to know about getting your rainwater tank repaired. Give us a call to discuss the various options available to you with respect to repairing your rain water tank.

Why repair your tank?

A rainwater tank is a costly, essential investment – especially on a rural property. If your tank is leaking then it needs attention:

  • Leaks and cracks will eventually increase in size resulting in water loss.
  • Wet areas around tank will destabilise the tank sub base.

As a part of any tank repair, Barney’s will initially clean your tank so it is free from sludge and debris.

All types of rainwater tanks can be repaired as Barney’s has knowledge of every type of tank – poly, bladder, metal, and so on. We can also advise you if repairing the tank is the best option or if you need to replace the tank altogether.

Please call 1300 662 647 to speak to one of our water tank repair specialists.