rural tanks

It’s not difficult to know when your domestic rainwater tank needs a good clean. Some of the indicators of a dirty rainwater tank include water that has a brown colour, smelly water and often a dead animal that has been found in the tank. Another factor can be the water tank pump is performing poorly.

How often should you clean your rainwater tank?

The Department of Health recommends the removal of sludge and debris from the bottom of your rain water tank every 2 to 3 years. Barney’s tank cleaning service can schedule your water tank to be cleaned in accordance with the Department of Health’s guidelines.

We can clean any domestic rainwater tank and it does not matter whether the tank is full or not because we have two processes depending on the amount of water in your rainwater tank. Both processors will result in a clean rainwater tank. Process 1 is the filtration system method. Process 2 is the total clean method which is often use when the tank is less than half full . Tanks can be cleaned full or empty. We use a strong vacuum pump which transfers waste to a holding tank on our vehicle.

Barney’s tank cleaning service operates from Berowra to Forster and all through the Hunter Valley. Our rates are competitive and we will clean your domestic rainwater tank and make it good as new.

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